AI and linguistics

For our fourth and final week of the June STC Roundtable on ‘Career transitions in techcomm’, Firehead’s CJ Walker and Kaveer Beharee, who owns and runs a chatbot development company called Ubiquity AI, will be discussing chatbots and chatbot conversation design.

Kaveer and CJ work together as linguists in NLP for chatbot conversational design. They foresee the ability to work in this area as a useful skill for technical communicators who are looking at future career options and job market trends.

In a written interview, they discuss NLP and the need for conversational design in the era of AI, and especially the difference in content development for rules-based vs AI-based chatbots.

They also do a deep-dive into AI and linguistics. In the field of AI, linguistics has been the most challenging area for progress and development, yet getting this right will have more practical applications for businesses when now, more than ever, companies should be streamlining and making every single engagement count. And these are the challenges we are trying to address in conversational design in the age of machine-human interfaces.

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