Job trends: Where is hiring going in the next 10 years?

This Thursday, we invite you to join an online open panel discussion on job trends for the third week of Firehead’s curation of the STC Roundtables on the topic of ‘Career transitions in techcomm’.

We will be talking about where we see the future of work and hiring trends going in the next 10 years. And we’ll be asking about what career progression is possible for techcomm professionals both inside and outside the field.

The panel is made up of communication experts led by Firehead’s founder and lead recruiter CJ Walker and includes:

The aim is to gather and share insight that will help technical communicators understand their future career options and how they can apply their skills in the wider market of digital communications – and beyond.

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There is a different curator for each month, each sharing their own in-depth expertise and providing content and discussion around a key topic.

Next week, there will be an interview with the owner of a chatbot development company to discuss NLP and the need for conversational design in the era of AI, and the difference in content development for rules-based vs AI-based chatbots.

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