Webinar: Soft skills in the virtual workplace

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webinar soft skills in the virtual workplace

A date for your diaries – and an opportunity to improve your remote teamworking and digital communications! On Thursday 22 October, Firehead’s founder will be live on the Content Wrangler‘s  ‘Coffee & Content’ talking about the importance of soft skills and how they can be a huge help in remote teamwork during the Covid era and beyond. The webinar will last 45 minutes. Details and sign-up info are below.

Soft skills in the virtual workplace

Remote team working has gone mainstream following the Covid-19 outbreak and may be here to stay. Join us for a chat with CJ Walker, founder of Firehead, a digital communications recruitment and training agency based in France, as she outlines why soft skills are so important to make virtual teamwork a success.

Through Firehead, Walker recruits and trains talent in technical communications, digital content management and strategy, and works to help content professionals develop the skills necessary to move into the age of AI.

A Cajun-Swede now settled in France, CJ’s academic background is in linguistics. Her professional career spans technical communications, instructional design, information architecture, and digital communications. She is a member of the board of the Information 4.0 Consortium and the International Manager for the Institute of Scientific and Technical Communication. She is the past-president of TCEurope and of the TransAlpine chapter of the Society for Technical Communication.

CJ wrote about soft skills this summer for the ISTC Communicator magazine. She’ll explain what soft skills are, how they are essential to good teamwork (especially now with many colleagues working remotely) and how you can improve your own soft skills at work.

Register for the webinar

  • Event: Soft skills in the virtual workplace
  • Date/time: live online, Thursday 22 October, 4pm (UK) – or after on demand
  • Duration: 45 minutes
  • Sign-up and details here.

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