2020 you’re muted – 2021 if you can share your screen?

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There’s no way to put too fine a point on it: 2020 was a stupid year. I don’t know anyone who wants to repeat it anyway. Who wants to read a year in review post this year? Me neither.

It’s been a trying year to say the least, but I think the holiday season gives us all an opportunity to pause and reflect on how we want to go forward.

This is my chance to thank the incredible content community that we work in for an unprecedented display of solidarity and grace under pressure. I’ve seen amazing acts of dedication, creativity, initiative, kindness and just plain heroism by many of our colleagues just to get through. While we may not want to repeat the circumstances, we will be able to march forward in 2021 with that connection intact. And that’s pretty cool.

When we look back, we’ll all see a world that was a big hot mess. But we got through it and learned new ways to cope – and deliver content.

Happy Holidays!

So Happy Holidays, even if they will be different this year. I guess they need to be like that, even if it’s a hard change. Instead of being discouraged, I encourage you to look at this sacrifice as one last act of solidarity to keep our loved ones, and ourselves, safe in one last push before things change with a vaccine in the new year. There’s now a light at the end of the tunnel, and that changes a lot for how we can look forward – and plan new content adventures and face-to-face meetings.

We’re hunkering down here in our HQ in the French Alps and our other bases in the UK, Sweden, and the USA. We hope you get safe and cosy as well. Let’s drink a toast to the season and to the hope coming in the New Year.

We all wish you a happy and safe Christmas and more liberated New Year for 2021.

CJ Walker and the Firehead team

Image (CC): iXimus/Pixabay

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