Five tips on technical writing from TCLoc students

University of Strasbourg campus

Since 2017 Firehead has been a proud industry contributor to the TCLoc (Master in Technical Communication and Localization) course at the University of Strasbourg, France. The course is designed for the international market and combines e-learning with a career-oriented course that aims to help fill the skills gap in the international technical communication market.

We really enjoy working with the talented TCLoc students and experiencing their enthusiasm.

tips in How to Improve your Technical Writing Skills : 5 Tips to Know – from creating a visual article to optimising the format of your text.

We think TCLoc is a great opportunity for professional communicators to develop their career and earn certification, and also for students to enter the professional world of technical communication. The course is industry-certified and graduates receive internationally recognised Technical Communicator (tekom) – Professional Level certification.

If you are interested in joining the TCLoc course, you can read more information here.

TLOC display material © madeleine barois


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