At Firehead we’ve built a range of resource to help you on your learning journey. These resources are all linked to coursees we run over on our Firehead Academy.

8 things a digital communicator can do better with specifications

Content expert Ray Gallon created this checklist to help digital communicators make the most of specifications and help integrate yourself into the product team.

5 things you need to know before you get started with content operations

Content strategy expert Rahel Anne Bailie has written this checklist to help digital communicators like you, make the leap into content operations.

9 essential skills all technical communicators need

We identify core competencies for technical communicators that form the bedrock skills of the profession. Master these skills and you can work for any organisation. 

Cybersecurity fundamentals checklist

This checklist gives fundamental cyber hygiene tips to keep you (and your family and friends) safer online.

Introverts in Leadership checklist

At Firehead, we created the list of the initial steps we recommend you take on your leadership journey as an introvert.

Free guide to Making the search better

Keywording is the process of labeling and classifying content so that others can find it. Here are our tips of how to make search better. 

Free guide to Plain language

Plain Language is wording, structuring and designing the writing so that it’s as clear as possible for the intended audience. 

Free guide to DITA-Structuring Content

DITA is a rewarding and creative methodology that improves readability and usability, while also being extremely efficient and cost-effective.

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