Submarine Toilet Flushing Instructions

I went to the Technical Museum in Malmo, Sweden last weekend with my family and some friends. I was speaking with someone about what Technical Authors do for a living, when we came across an old submarine toilet, with instructions for use. Perfect!

How to Use the Submarine Toilet Flushing System:

  1. After entering, close door “A”
  2. Open waste tap “B” and flush tap “C” with lever “D”, causing door “A” to be blocked.
  3. Open cover “E”.
  4. Move lever “F” to “use”.
  5. Use lavatory “G”.
  6. Open waste tap “H” and flushing tap “I”.
  7. Move lever “F” to “flush” position (do this more carefully the deeper the submarine is submerged) until compartment “J” is barely filled.
  8. Open shut-off valve “K”.
  9. Move lever “F” carefully to position “eject”.
    Compartment  “J” is filled through “K” and “L” with air from the 12 ATM system.
  10. Move lever “F” carefully to the “air waste” position. In this position, the air flows out of compartment “J” through valve “M” to the foulwater tank and on to the battery compartment through pipe “O”.
  11. Lever “F” stays in the “air waste” position when the lavatory is not in use.
  12. Close and lock taps “H” and “I”.
  13. Close lever “E”.
  14. Close taps “B” and “C” with lever “D”.

submarine toiletNote: If these instructions are not followed exactly as above, the contents of the toilet will spill out over and up and down the closet. If you are so careless, you clean it up!