Unsuck your CV and covering letter

Unsuck-it.com was doing the social media rounds last week. Not only is it a bit of fun but we admire its aims: to remove the jargon and buzz phrases, and replace them with clear, plain English. So if you’re prone to talking up your CV or covering letter, or think your work is ‘bleeding edge’, then Unsuck-It could be for you.

Some examples ‘unsucked’:

  • Authored – wrote or written by.
  • Brainchild – idea or product.
  • High-level overview – summary.

If you’re prone to exaggeration or over-egging your job applications, then perhaps you should put it down as an ‘action item’ to sort out your CV’s ‘pain points’ and get the ‘blue sky thinking’ under control. Unless you’re ‘up to your a*$ in alligators’, in which case, just enjoy the site.

Are we in alignment?