Hiring a content marketer – what employers want

Kapost content marketing hiringWe like a good hiring survey here at Firehead and have had this one from content marketing platform Kapost bookmarked for quite a while. If you’re a content marketer looking for a new job, its Content Market Hiring Handbook could be useful reading before you apply for a content marketing job or go for a job interview.

So, with content one of the fastest-growing areas of marketing, what exactly are employers looking for when it comes to employing a content marketer?

Writing/editing is the most desirable skill

The 2014 Kapost Content Hiring Survey, which surveyed 522 manager-level marketers, lists the top qualities as follows:

  • 94.5% writing/editing
  • 64.64% ability to collaborate across departments/teams
  • 56.9% sales or marketing experience
  • 44.75% A solid understanding of our sales and marketing structure
  • 38.1% SEO expertise
  • 24.3% graphic design / web development
  • 10.5% video production

A clear signal that writing/editing skills are the most important quality in a content marketer for the majority of employers.

Journalism is the most desired degree (but experience is just as important)

The survey also asked about desired degrees and majors. A degree in English/journalism was the most popular choice (37.5%), with marketing/advertising coming in second (20.45%). However, 37.5% were looking for 3-5 years of content marketing experience rather than focusing on the degree.

What’s the pay like for content marketers?

Typical pay for a content marketer was:

  • $41.5k (£26k or €38k) for an entry-level content marketer
  • $60.5k (£39k or €55k) at mid-level
  • $103k (£66.5k or €94k) at director-level.

Other relevant skills

Other tips that Kapost report as desirable in a content marketer include:

  • Self-reliance and a nose for subjects people will care about
  • Baseline skills of writing, design, video production
  • Ability to tell compelling stories
  • Good relationship skills and the ability to collaborate across departments
  • A professional and up-to-date LinkedIn profile
  • Hybrid skills across old and new marketing tactics
  • Active participation in social media
  • Has a showcase reel of social/content/writing impact and analytics work
  • Knows which blogs/books to read to keep skills up to date
  • Can quantify impact on business.

For the full report and guide, download it from Kapost here: Recruit the Dream Team – The Content Marketing Hiring handbook.

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