Learn how to create your own mobile apps – no coding required


Ever had a killer idea for an app but come unstuck when it comes to making it actually happen? Then we have just the course for you: a new rapid DIY mobile app development course for non-techies… You can do it without coding!

Until recently, mobile app development was a complicated task that called for programming skills – plus a lot of time and money. But now a new generation of rapid do-it-yourself mobile app creation tools is available which hides the code behind a friendly visual interface and lets non-programmers create some pretty serious apps.

Why might you want to create your own mobile apps? Here are several common business situations facing digital communicators and business owners in our new highly connected world:

You’re competing for business…

You’re an entrepreneur who’s starting a business. In the 1990s, a business had to have a fax number to show that it was a serious business. In the 2000s, a business had to have a website. Today, more and more businesses have a mobile app to show that they’re serious about connecting with their customers and to help them compete in a rapidly changing marketplace.

You want to take your tech comm content mobile…

Your company has decided to take its user information mobile. Does that mean apps? If so, how does that affect the doc group? There’s already a group in IT that’s creating mobile apps but they don’t see how user information and apps fit together and they’re backlogged anyway.

Your client is on a tight budget…

Your client has tasked you to come up with a digital marketing app that will help amplify their business and connect with a wider customer base. You brainstorm a few ideas but, as the client is a small to medium enterprise, budget is an issue.

What do you do? The usual answer is to hire a programmer or employ an agency but that can be time-consuming and expensive.

Or, with just a little training, you can create it yourself.

What kind of apps can you create?

New tools let non-coders create apps without programming but with just a bit of training on the software. These business or tech comm apps won’t be another version of Angry Birds™ but they can:


  • showcase your business
  • boost client loyalty or bring in new clients
  • add new revenue streams
  • conveniently provide documentation and information to readers when they’re in the field
  • extend your documentation or business content’s capabilities.

For example, your business or documentation app can:

  • include email links
  • make phone calls
  • link to a website
  • show a document or a graph
  • add information to or retrieve it from a database for display in the app.

Sound interesting? To get started, you’ll just need a little bit of know-how.

Get started with a mobile app basics workshop

Our basic training will take you from novice to business app developer in just a few hours. You’ll be able to respond to changing business needs and customer feedback by creating apps in days, rather than weeks or months. You’ll do this with no big upfront investment and a low overall cost. All without being or needing a programmer, except in the most advanced situations.

Neil PerlinYou’ll do this using an authoring tool called ViziApps, which hides complicated code details behind a friendly graphic user interface. Expert app-maker and certified ViziApps instructor Neil Perlin (pictured) of Hyper/Word Services will be your instructor and the six-hour online workshop will cover everything you’ll need to start making your own apps.

Register here

Our first workshop is called Creating mobile apps without coding – the basics and you can register now through Firehead for basic training.

We’ve also now added two further no-code-required workshops, on data operations and advanced operations, offering greater progression and more advanced features and learning (some tasks in these sessions can get complex, but nowhere near the programming once required to create an app).

Find out more about our basics course, what it covers and how to sign up on our course page.

Or please do get in touch today if you require any further help and information. You’ll also find more courses on our Training page. We look forward to learning with you.

Main image: (CC) Michael Coghlan/Flickr