10 AI white papers to help you adapt to the future of work

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Help-Michael-Cordedda-FlickrLast month we posted information from a new survey on AI from analytics firm SAS on the adoption of artificial intelligence in enterprise. This month we’ve borrowed its reading list of white papers and added a few extra links of our own to help you navigate the future work landscape and catch up on the latest insight on current AI trends, applications, skills and recruitment.

  1. Artificial Intelligence: What it is and why it matters
    A short guide to and history of AI, how it is used and how it works.
  2. The Future of Skills: Employment in 2030
    This Nesta/University of Oxford report highlights the skills that are likely to be in greater demand in the future.
  3. Hiring Algorithms Are Not Neutral
    Harvard Business Reiew looks at how algorithms mimic human decision-making and the risks of embedding existing bias.
  4. The Next Analytics Age: Artificial Intelligence
    Featuring seven articles, this Harvard Business Review report shows how different industries might use AI to achieve a competitive edge.
  5. Advanced Analytics: Moving Toward AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing
    Best practices report by Transforming Data with Intelligence (TDWI) on how organisations are integrating AI, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) into their operations.
  6. Improve Customer Experience with Actionable Artificial Intelligence
    Helping marketers to understand how to use AI to create more personalised interactions.
  7. Machine Humanity
    How the machine learning of today is driving the AI of tomorrow.
  8. The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    The Internet Advertising Bureau UK looks at how the big industry players are investing in chatbots, what AI will mean for marketing and advertising, and how AI could check for fake news and even create and write news.
  9. Technology Behind Siri’s New Voice
    Apple’s Siri Team explains how it has improved Siri’s speech synthesis through deep learning.
  10. The State of Artificial Intelligence
    Where is the money going? Data company CB Insights has produced a report giving a venture capitalist’s eye view on the state of AI today, including recent advances, startup investment trends. current applications and macro trends.

Image (CC): Michael Cordedda/Flickr

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