Firehead expands to meet changing digital communication needs
digital communication needs

While Firehead offers excellent traditional recruitment services in the field of digital communications, we also recognise that sometimes you might need something a little more bespoke.

We apply our long-standing industry knowledge and tap into our talent network to help our clients resolve all kinds of issues, large or small.

Sometimes clients approach us with quite specific problems. They might wish to unlock the business opportunities in their data, for example, or to find digital comms talent for a one-off project, or to sort out niggly technical communication challenges caused by legacy software. At Firehead we work with some of the best digital communications talent in Europe to resolve all kinds of digital communications-related challenges.

Over the past year we have been expanding our bespoke solutions. Did you know, we now offer the following services and more to our clients:

  • coaching/mentoring to help employees develop their leadership skills
  • website design and development – new sites or old ones in need of upgrade
  • localisation and translation services
  • troubleshooting with software such as RoboHelp and FrameMaker
  • skills training and career development
  • content strategy reviews and recommendations
  • business transformation through the use of AI and data science.

CJ Walker, Firehead’s managing director, explains: “The business and digital communication needs of our clients are changing faster than ever with the advent of enterprise AI and other new information technologies. Firehead is responding to the growing need for digital skills and talent by extending our services base. In this way, we aim to provide ever more and better bespoke solutions for our clients. We’re also especially excited about the new training offering we’re developing to help plug the significant digital skills gap that is challenging many businesses at the moment.

“We see these new additions as a great opportunity to partner with clients, and to help develop and customise the information needs of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We’re here, we’re listening and we’re ready to work with you to make sure your business information needs are met.”

To find our more or have an informal discussion of your current business challenges, please get in touch and let us find the perfect bespoke option for your business.

For more information on our range of services, visit our Consultancy page.