Rising need for taxonomy skills in future of work

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“The future of work means content for the machines, and content for the machines means taxonomies and ontologies for classification,” says CJ Walker, founder and managing director of Firehead.

“Information is getting classified, organised, structured, retrieved, archived and managed ready for the next wave of knowledge and intelligent content delivery,” she adds. “And these skills are coming into higher and higher demand as the number of human-machine interfaces increases.” Which is good news for job candidates and content professionals with training and experience in these areas.

Heather Hedden of The Accidental Taxonomist also points out the growing interest in taxonomy and metadata strategies. This is evidenced by the popularity of conferences such as the Taxonomy Boot Camp, which we added to the Firehead annual conference calendar this year, and which now also has a UK event in London in October.

The boot camp includes topics such as search and findability, blockchain, selling the value of taxonomies, automatic tagging, semantic AI and machine learning, knowledge graphs, interoperability and linked data, governance, and data management.

We’ve rounded up a few useful links for those who didn’t make it to either event.

Useful links for Taxonomy Boot Camp 2019

Here is Heather’s review of the two Taxonomy Boot Camp Conferences 2019.

The organisers have also gathered some tweets on learnings from #TBCL19. We love the line: “A good taxonomy is never noticed.” You can also mine the list for taxonomy experts to follow online. Some of the US event presentations are being uploaded here.

For beginners, here is a Taxonomy 101 boot camp workshop presentation to get you started on traditional versus business taxonomies, case studies and examples, the difference between taxonomy and ontology, and how their use can increase revenue.

And for more experienced taxonomists, Synaptica has raised a few post-conference questions around the intersection with blockchain technology.

Taxonomy and ontology at Firehead

At Firehead, we love taxonomies and ontologies. It’s a lifelong love affair! We are now exploring their growing use to drive data, content, information processes, virtual assistants, and more.

Taxonomy and ontology is also a key recruitment area for Firehead, as well as an area of expertise for Firehead’s founder CJ Walker. We’re also working on adding new courses around their use to our Training section.

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