Better remote working? Soft skills are the answer

remote communication and soft skills webinar

What are soft skills? Why aren’t they included in job descriptions? How can soft skills play into better teamwork and remote communication? How can you manage your new virtual workplace at home and still maintain work-life balance? How do recruiters screen for soft skills? What does the future hold for technical communicators in a more automated, more digital, more technology-filled future?

And what is the most exciting thing going on in the world of content today?

All these questions and more are discussed in this recent Coffee & Content webinar discussion presented by CJ Walker of Firehead together with Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Patrick Bosek, co-founder of Jorsek, the makers of easyDITA.

View the recording here or click on the image below.

webinar soft skills in the virtual workplace

Better hiring through soft skills

Soft skills are a big part of the match we make for our clients when we recruit for new hires, as Firehead’s founder and managing director CJ Walker explains in the webinar. Find out more about Firehead’s three main levels of recruitment services.

We also offer training in strategies to improve teamwork in the modern workplace – find out more.

Further reading on soft skills in the virtual workplace:


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