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What’s up?

Hi. This post is coming directly from CJ, Firehead Founder and Principal. We started the Firehead blog back in 2008 and it’s been a journey. Fiona Cullinan, blogstar extraordinaire came onto the scene just when content strategy was starting to become A Thing.

(In fact, we met at the first-ever content strategy conference, Content Strategy Forum 2010, which I co-organised in Paris with the French chapter of the STC. Some of you might remember being trapped in Paris in the springtime thanks to an Icelandic volcanic eruption we’re still all thankful for…) She really spoiled me – I didn’t have to write that much by myself.

We did surveys, we interviewed experts, we talked to clients, we coached candidates, and then we started a training campaign to educate digital communicators on skills for their career advancement. Lots of conferences and talks and academic interactions. And then lockdowns. So we started building a training platform with video courses by lots of experts that we named The Firehead Training Academy. We just hit “publish” on that last week.

That’s why I’m here now. I wanted to tell you.

With the calibre of thought leaders in the field we have in our course library, I figure the quality of our offer speaks for itself. We’re posting lots of information about our authors and their topics.

I thought I would poke my head in between the straight facts to string a story together for you about why we’re creating a new training platform, and why/what new skills in digital communications will be necessary for the new workplace in the age of AI. It’s just beginning because the age of AI is only beginning to find its applications.

As (the Great) Jennifer Goode said to me in a work conversation this week about her upcoming course “The Fundamentals of Modern Technical Communication” with Ben Woelk, “We have lots of videos on discrete topics to make up this course, but I want to fill in the “in betweens” to create a story arc that makes it meaningful for the user.” Exactly.

That’s what I’m trying to do here. Firehead has always been about community and I’d like to include you in this too.

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CJ Walker

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