Content strategy training in one day
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Learn the basics of developing a content strategy in as little as a day with our brand new online content strategy course.

As a specialist recruiter in the field of digital communication across the UK, mainland Europe and North America, Firehead has expanded its offering to include online training in a number of our key recruitment areas. In conjunction with training provider, Cherryleaf, we are now offering fast, affordable online training in technical communication and content strategy.

[Update: this course has been replaced by Marie Girard’s Enterprise Content Strategy course.]

More training options

The digital skills gap has employers crying out for the next generation of digital talent, so there’s never been a better time to update your skills or embark on a new career. We think the fastest way to do that is to get some solid training under your belt. To find out more about this course and others we offer, visit the Firehead Training section.