Content Strategy Applied 2017 in review

CSA-logoWe were pleased to see Content Strategy Applied resurrected for 2017 after we attended the first #csapplied conference at eBay back in 2011 and 2012. The event, which focused on case studies and practical applications of content strategy, was founded in 2011 by Lucie Hyde and is now being co-produced with Rahel Anne Bailie. It promised to continue its focus on “problems, solutions and real-life war stories that content professionals are dealing with now”.

Sadly we couldn’t make this year’s event in London but it boasted a great line-up of speakers and so we’ve rounded up some of the conference wisdom below to help those looking for professional development as a content strategist. The theme for 2017 was ‘Benchmarking Content – How do we know we’re doing a good job?’ and the hashtag #csapplied17.

Round-ups and reviews

Day one: Twitter Moments review
See what the conference looked like and catch up on some of the ‘Tweets of wisdom’ from day one.

Technical writing builds trust in your organisation (Cherryleaf)
Review of Madi Weland Solomon’s keynote and the new challenge of loss of trust in information.

How IBM uses audience intent modelling (Cherryleaf)
Review of James Mathewson’s keynote on how IBM uses audience intent modelling to map its content plans.

Content Strategy Notes 2017-02-17: Follow-up # CSApplied2017
Conference speaker Heinz Wittenbrink has posted his thoughts on conference topics including content models and user intentions, data sources and data evaluation, content quality and content creation, terminology, intelligent content and user-related content design, and if content strategy is the right brand name.. The page is in German so English speakers will need to run the URL through Google Translate or browser translation options – but it’s worth it for the overview.


Content Strategy and Product Management (in science education) – Roger Hart
When your product is mostly content, product management looks a lot like content strategy. Roger Hart discusses how content strategy and product management interact, through his work with the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Modelling Adaptive Content for Multiple Channels (workshop) – Noz Urbina
Noz also runs a longer version of this course as part of Firehead’s training wing. You can also read more in his our five-part blog series on adaptive content.

Customer Journey Mapping for Coherent Customer Experience on Any Channel – Noz Urbina
A customer journey map (CJM) is a vital tool for building future-proof content strategies and content models that are customer-centric, not brand- or channel-centric. Noz Urbina shows how it’s done.

Turning Co-workers into Collaborators – Kathy Matosich
How to work with non-content strategists and bring them into your content strategy practice.

Eating Our Own Dog Food – Ray Gallon/Andy McDonald
A case study of how integrating Agile software with content strategy poses challenges to a team that is more service-oriented than product and customer-oriented.

Crossing the Divide between Technical Communication and Content Strategy at Datomia – Ellis Pratt
Technical communicators have many of the skills that overlap with content strategists but they can find it hard to get involved in this type of strategic work. Ellis Pratt explores how people can break out of the ‘techcomm box’ through his experience working with Datomia.

Chicken or egg? Solving the strategy vs. structure dilemma – Marie Girard
Strategy or structure, which comes first? In theory, strategy dictates a structure for execution, but quite often, in practice, it is structure that supports strategy. So where should you start when defining a content strategy?

Small to Enterprise: Growing Pains in the Content World – Rhyne Armstrong
A review of the differences between managing content strategy in a small business and an enterprise business.

Agile Content Strategy: developing and implementing a content strategy with few resources – Babak Zand and Helen Schrader
This presentation introduces the method of the Scrum-Team, the development of a content strategy, the tools used, and how online photoprint service company Pixum solved the challenges at a practical implementation level. Babak also shows how this method can be applied at the development of a documented content strategy.

Digital Transformation: the content experience – Beverley Brown and Vasiliki Prestidge
How content sits within a digital transformation programme in the context of a case study for OPP, covering why a digital transformation project is required, details of the processes, tools and CMS, and an overview of content assets and the strategy for next steps.

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