How to quit like a pro
quit your job fish jumping into bigger fishbowl

Handing in your notice can be a moment of trepidation – how will your boss take it, what will the fallout be, how do you handle the practicalities, what does your future hold?

If you’re ready to leave your job and move on but you want to do it gracefully and on good terms, there are ways to do it that can make the transition smoother all round.

This week, for example, we read a post from salary data company Payscale, offering some good constructive advice on how to leave your job without burning your bridges.

It includes the usual info on writing a resignation letter and giving proper notice but also how to handle yourself, next steps and the one thing you should never do as you leave – offer them advice on how to improve.

CJ Walker, founder and managing director at Firehead, adds: “The point about trying to give advice or to help the company with parting wisdom on your way out is a good one. Firstly, they’re not likely to listen to you anymore. Secondly, why didn’t you say it when you were there?

“Also, it’s important to stay positive when you leave your job. The world is small and your field is even smaller so you’re bound to run into your former colleagues again in one situation or another. Be respectful and be respected.

“A positive takeaway about leaving is that there is relatively low unemployment in some countries like the US (Payscale’s article uses US statistics) and UK at the moment, while many more are experiencing a digital skills gap. With a war for talent going on, this creates an advantageous environment for job changers, especially those who are prepared to adapt to the changes that come with new technology and upskill accordingly.”

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