New jobs, partnerships and opportunities in the era of AI
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We were busy at Firehead at the end of last year. Most of it was planning for the coming year – and decade. In a field like ours, it’s fun to look forward. 2020 is the year for delving into the hows and whys of the future of our profession in the era of artificial intelligence (AI).

I think the future is bright and would like to invite you to be a part of how the digital communications field and the future of work is changing…

New partnerships

We’ve joined in partnership with Ubiquity, a South African company in the AI space. Ubiquity will be the AI chatbot development partner for Firehead. With our partnership, Firehead now has the capacity to develop AI chatbots as well as rule-based chatbots. Ubiquity recently won an award from the French government as an exciting start-up for international cooperation and we’re delighted to be their European partners. Learn how to harness the power of automation in customer service with our chatbot and virtual assistants service.

We’ve also created a new partnership with TechSmith, which we’re really excited about. We both share the same interests in visual communication in techcomm, and we’re proud to represent them in Europe. They’ve localised their software products Camtasia and SnagIt into French, which we find especially exciting. Our visual communications offer will help you create engaging and informative visual content for your audiences.

And we want to announce an upcoming partnership with 3di. We’re happy to partner with them for localisation work in a wide variety of business challenges and projects. Read more on our translation and localisation services page and discover how you can create multilingual versions of your content for a global audience.

Our invitation to partner: Contact us today if you think Firehead would be a useful strategic partner for your business or educational organisation. We work with universities, industry bodies and private businesses as consultants and training providers.

New training courses, services and job opportunities

The future of work and information delivery is changing all the time – and so are the job opportunities and job titles. We have plans to further expand our training and consulting offerings for the AI era. These include information development for the coming human-machine interfaces, topics to support job seekers, and more data- and content-related courses to help you skill up for the future.

We’ve also been up to our regular recruiting activities in the middle of all of this. We want to focus on the strong points for our field in the upcoming AI era. We’re deeply invested in the #futureofwork and hope to continue to get feedback from you, our community, about where you see things going in your own jobs and how we can best cover your needs in recruitment as the market evolves.

Our invitation to share expertise: Contact us today if you have a training course or service you think we should be offering as part of our mix. We’ll also be asking expert guest bloggers to give their views – please get in touch in you are already working in AI-related content in particular. We would love to hear your thoughts.

News on job and skills trends

As always, we’ll be covering hot new recruitment and skills-related topics on the Firehead blog, which turned 10 years old last year. Here are four AI-related posts to get you started:

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