AI rises up our top 10 most-read posts
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The Firehead blog turned 10 years old last year. That’s 10 years of community, knowledge sharing, interviews with smart people, trend watching and adding a recruiter’s eye view of the fast-changing field of digital communications – and posting cool cat pics! To kick off the Firehead blog in 2020, here are our most read posts of last year, which have taken a distinct turn towards AI and related content provision.

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Most-read posts of 2019

1. The Firehead Big List of 2019 Content & Comms Conferences
Every year we scout around for the best learning and networking conferences for digital communications professionals across the breadth of the digital comms field, from technical communication to content strategy, metadata to AI. The 2020 calendar will be out shortly!

2. Interview with a Chatbot Conversation Designer
Toni Ressaire talks about the new field of chatbot conversation design, how to break into it and why robots are more fun than you think.

3. How to skill up in writing for machines
The trend towards AI is well documented in the field of digital communications. Here’s the background.

4. Interview with an AI Entrepreneur
Go behind the scenes of an AI startup with entrepreneur Kaveer Beharee whose company builds AI assistants in financial services.

5. Improve your writing with these content writing tools
Check out these content writing tools to help professionalise your writing skills and provide better, more engaging, on-target content.

6. What can businesses learn from how Buzzfeed organises its content?
Could ‘cultural cartography’ take your content strategy up a level? How Buzzfeed organises its content could change your content choices…

7. A reading list of the best content strategy books
Get ahead, get a book – here’s a crowdsourced list of the best books on content and content strategy.

8. Our top 20 summer reads for content pros
Firehead founder CJ Walker shares her 2019 reading list – reflecting interests in AI, the future of work, Info4.0 and more…

9. Using sweets to understand taxonomies
What is a taxonomy – and how do taxonomists approach the work of organising information to bring order and clarity?

10. How to quit like a pro
If you’re ready to leave your job, here’s how to do it gracefully and on good terms.

Image (CC): Free-Photos/Pixabay